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A hydrogen sulfide filtration system and brine tank from Water Doctors

Hydrogen Sulfide is a common and potentially dangerous problem for homeowners. That’s why Water Doctors Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizertm uses the latest water treatment technology to locate and remove hydrogen sulfide, iron, arsenic, and manganese in your water before it arrives in your bathroom faucet or kitchen sink.

The Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizer begins by neutralizing water to create an environment which will facilitate the elimination of harmful contaminants. Once the water flows into the filter, the carefully manufactured greensand media, coated in manganese dioxide, catalyzes the oxidation of soluble contaminants. The unwanted impurities then bind to the internal resin during an ion-exchange process before being rinsed away during backwashing.

The Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizer combats the toughest water issues with cutting-edge technology and guaranteed Water Doctors quality, ensuring safe and inexpensive water for your family and your home.


  • Conserves water - requires only occasional backwashing using 10% of the water used by conventional filters
  • Attention-free operation removes iron concentrations of up to 35 ppm
  • Neutralizes acidic water
  • Optional bypass valve
  • Optional insulated tank jacket
  • 7 year warranty on all parts and repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks


button link Download the Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidizer PDF