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Air Capsule Iron Filtration System from Water Doctors

Water Doctors Capsule Iron Filter automatically removes soluble or “clear water” iron, precipitated or “red water” iron, bacterial iron, and manganese from your water. Because it requires none of the expensive or messy chemicals used in conventional filters, the Capsule Iron Filter is safe and environmentally-friendly.

The Capsule Filter’s patented process raises the pH of the water to improve the efficiency of iron and manganese removal. This has the additional benefit of neutralizing acidic water, saving your pipes and plumbing fixtures from costly corrosion. Pressurized air is then injected into the system, causing the oxidation of soluble particles of iron and manganese into insoluble precipitates. The precipitates are trapped in the media bed and rinsed away during regeneration, safely and efficiently removing impurities from your water. 

Crystal clear, great-tasting water, clothing that's fresh and stain-free, plus dishes and bathroom fixtures that glisten and sparkle.  The Capsule Iron Filter eliminates iron from your water and iron problems from your life.


  • Minimal operating costs - requires no chemicals or regeneration
  • Attention-free operation removes iron concentrations of up to 35 ppm
  • Conserves water - requires only occasional backwashing using 10% of the water used by conventional filters
  • Neutralizes acidic water
  • Optional bypass valve
  • Optional insulated tank jacket
  • 7 year warranty on all parts and repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks