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Water Softening Minnesota

Softening Water in Minnesota

With our high iron content in Minnesota we have specific, high demand water softening needs. The Water Doctors designs custom-engineered water softening systems to meet the specific needs for your area of Minnesota.

How a water softening system works

Components of a water softening system

Water Doctors custom engineered water softening systems

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Fleck 5600 - Setting Time 

Fleck 5600 - Leaking Brine Valve


 Fleck 5600 - Obstructed Drain

Fleck 5600 - Depressurising a System

Fleck 5800 - Leaking Brine Valve

Fleck 5800 - Obstructed Drain

 Fleck 5800 - Depressurizing a System

 Fleck 2510 - Leaking Brine Valve

 Fleck 2510 - Obstructed Drain

 Fleck 2510 Depressurizing a System

 Fleck Stainless Steel Bypass - Bypass Valve


It’s Water Softener Time in New Brighton

As you probably know, New Brighton residents have switched back to local water resources from Minneapolis water. And if you know anything about New Brighton water, you know that this means it's time to turn on your water softener again.

Now that the work on Water Treatment Plant 1 (WTP1) is wrapping up, it means the change back to New Brighton water has already happened for just about all New Brighton residents. This means that it’s time to start thinking about your water softener again. 

If you have a water softener but haven't used it in a while, you'll want to make sure it's serviced. Servicing your water softener maintains efficiency. It also ensures that you are preserving the life not only of your equipment, but of your plumbing and other appliances (such as your washer and dishwasher) as well.

 Have Your Water Softener Serviced


The change to Minneapolis city water originally happened because trace amounts of 1,4-dioxane (dioxane) were found in New Brighton's water. Similar toxins at various levels exist in water throughout the metro area. If you want to know exactly what's in your water, you should have your water tested. 

Have Your Water Tested


Rust Shield

Rust Sheild Horizontal rev d

Irrigation Treatment to Prevent Ugly Rust Stains

RustShield™ DRY Chemical Sequestering system encapsulates the iron molecule so oxygen cannot convert it to ugly rust stains, therefore shielding and preventing stains before they cover your curbs, walks, siding, plants and driveway.  

WATER DOCTORS RustShield™ system is very simple and inexpensive to operate compared to the liquid chemical feed systems. The granular concentration of our chemical lasts 3 times longer than liquid preventers at 1/2 the cost. 

With easy installation and injection in the irrigation feed line in the basement, the system is designed to work with all lawn sprinkler systems. 

WATER DOCTORS RustShield™ products are a family of "chelating" chemicals. Each is specific to certain well water conditions and applications. These chelating chemicals have in common that if they can attach themselves to the ferrous iron in the well water before it meets oxygen at the sprinkler head, the iron will sequester or bind up so that it will not combine with oxygen. In effect, we “Shield” the iron from contact with oxygen. Water Doctors offers a 1-year performance guarantee as long as the well has been chlorinated and is free of iron bacteria or sulfate reducing bacteria. 

Contact your authorized Water Doctors dealer at 877-30-WATER or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.