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An arsenic filtration system and brine tank from Water Doctors

Solve arsenic problems with the state of the art Infinity Arsenic Master featuring a five stage filtration process for total purity.

Water Doctors Infinity Arsenic Master uses a five stage filtration process to prevent and remove arsenic, iron, manganese, and other organic and inorganic matter from your water supply. The highly specialized internal media has a macro-porous surface providing extraordinary capacity to absorb and remove arsenic and other contaminants.

The activated carbon media bed removes chlorine and dozens of other chemicals responsible for unwanted tastes and odors, ensuring your water is not only safe but enjoyable and refreshing to drink or cook with.  The Arsenic Master from Water Doctors goes beyond contaminant filtration by using an ion-exchange mineral tank to capture and remove hardness ions like calcium and magnesium to soften your water. This prevents lime-scale build up on your faucets and dishes and keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth.

With a 7-year warranty on valve components, a lifetime warranty on tanks, and an easy to use LCD display, the Arsenic Master is the premium arsenic removal and softening system in the water treatment industry.


  • Minimal operating costs - programmable cycles determine recent water usage to conserve energy costs
  • Hi-tech LCD display
  • Filters iron, iron bacteria, arsenic, and manganese
  • Softens water with removal of calcium and magnesium
  • Optional insulated tank jacket
  • 7 year warranty on all parts and repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks


button link Download the Arsenic Master PDF