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A five stage iron filtration and softening system with a brine tank from Water Doctors

Eliminate all iron and hardness molecules such as calcium and magnesium by combining filtration and softening with the Iron Master.

The Iron Master from Water Doctors combines the benefits of softening and iron filtration in one unit with a carefully developed five stage purification process. After a sub-micron filter removes sand and other sediments, the water flows into a bed of high-tech media which captures soluble, insoluble, and bacterial iron as well as manganese and arsenic. This revolutionary resin is effective in water of any pH and is cleansed anew during each regeneration cycle to continue its effective removal of unwanted contaminants.

The water continues through a KDF Anti-Bacterial media and into an ion-exchange mineral tank which performs the duties of a traditional water softener in the removal of hardness minerals calcium and magnesium. For total purity, softening, and iron removal there is no better option than the Iron Master from Water Doctors.


  • Minimal operating costs - programmable cycles determine recent water usage to conserve energy costs
  • Hi-tech LCD display
  • Filters iron, iron bacteria, arsenic, and manganese
  • Softens water with removal of calcium and magnesium
  • Optional insulated tank jacket
  • 7 year warranty on all parts and repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks


button link Download the Iron Master PDF