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Budget Tech water softener and brine tank two-in-one cabinet model from Water Doctors

Soft Water and Water Doctors Guaranteed Quality 

Our Value Line Water Softeners provide the benefits of soft water without sacrificing Water Doctors guaranteed quality.  Designed for budget minded consumers, the Value Line softener features 5 fully programmable cycles to improve backwash effectiveness. The money saving control valve includes a metering system which measures water use and regenerates only when needed, saving up to 50% on salt and water usage compared to conventional models. An LED display combines a stylish look with user-friendly programming capabilities. The Value Line is available in one piece cabinet or two tank styles. Help your family enjoy the benefits of soft water at a lower cost. 

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  • Demand regeneration saves on salt & water usage
  • 200-gallon reserve assures consistent soft water.
  • Five fully programmable cycles provide flexibility
  • 10 Year warranty on tanks, three year warranty on the control valve
  • Available in one piece cabinet or two tank style 
  • 70% Efficiency (conversion of salt to sodium chloride)  


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button link Download the Value Line PDF