Get $500 off

On all Installations

Get $500 off

on all Installations

Who we are

Providing clean water solutions to Florida Households.


Water Doctors is a national supplier of residential and commercial water filtration equipment. Since 1984, we have been helping families and businesses achieve clean water. Our experienced staff will help you select, design, and install water filtration equipment to meet your specific needs.

Our Products

Water Solutions


For high hardness, chlorine & chemicals

Infinity™ II

For low hardness, chlorine & chemicals

Infinity™ II with ScaleGuard

For low hardness, high chlorine, poor taste & odor

Infinity™ SyncTech

Continuous conditioned water twenty-four hours a day


Our #1 pure drinking water system


Ultraviolet purification to eliminate harmful bacteria

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About Water Doctors

Serving our community for over 35 years

Water Doctors Water Treatment Company is a division of HMI Water Specialists. Serving customers for over 35 years, we are an industry leader that specializes in custom-built and engineered water-conditioning equipment. Water Doctors is a member of the Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA), NARI, and the Water Quality Association. Over the years, our products and services have received multiple awards from these associations.

We strive to provide the most knowledgeable water treatment staff and advanced water-conditioning methods on the market.

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