Whole Home Filtration

Infinity™ II

For low hardness, chlorine & chemicals

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Receive the benefits of filtered and conditioned water throughout your entire home – All in one system!

The Infinity II system provides whole home filtration best suited for low hardness water or homeowners with an existing water softener system. This system is manufactured exclusively by HMI Water Specialists and is individually engineered based on your unique water conditions. The Infinity II system uses a three stage process to achieve bottled water quality at every tap in your home.

To view your city’s water hardness, check out our Water Hardness Table.

How it Works


Fine sediment particles, sand, silica and iron oxide are trapped in a submicron filter that is flushed, cleaned, and backwashed to the drain when the Infinity™ system regenerates.


Water flows through GAC (Granular Activated Steam-Washed Carbon). This incredible media is highly effective in the removal of chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines, and byproducts like THMs & THCs. Also removed are pesticides, herbicides and over 1000 potential toxins. Your household water will have the clean, fresh taste of the purest bottled water. View full list of toxins removed here.


Water passes through a bed of pure KDF 55 Anti-Bacterial media. As the water makes contact, the Redox reaction takes place, removing impurities like minerals, metals, dissolved oxygen, and organic materials.
Looking to maintain your system?

Filters & Maintenance

Product Information

Product Information

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Water Hardness TableWater Hardness Table
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