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How Hard is your City's Water?

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The SyncTech automatic water conditioner features a twin mineral tank system governed by a meter initiated control valve. The dual system keeps one mineral tank in service at all times. When hard water enters your home through the main line, a meter initiated control valve directs it into the active mineral tank where it passes down through a bed of ion exchange resin. Calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals, are removed from the water and held in the resin bed. When the softening capacity of the service tank is spent, the control valve automatically switches the water flow to the reserve tank.

Once the exhausted tank enters its regeneration phase, it immediately becomes the reserve. During regeneration backwashing a brine solution is passed through the resin bed. This reverses the ion exchange process, recharging the resin and freeing the hardness materials which are flushed away through the drain line along with the brine solution. A final rapid rinse readies the bed to soften water again. The regenerated tank waits in reserve, ensuring a constant supply of soft water for high usage consumers. For additional overflow protection, consider an optional brine safety valve.


SyncTech Specs

Model NumberCapacity for Each Tanks(Grains)Factory Setting @ 9 lbs/cu. ft.*
SyncTech@ 15 lbs/cu. ft.@ 9 lbs/cu. ft.@ 3 lbs/cu. ft.

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How Hard is your City's Water?

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