Whole Home Filtration

Infinity™ II with Scaleguard

For low hardness, high chlorine, poor taste & odor

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Salt free water conditioning for your entire home

The Infinity II with ScaleGuard system provides whole home filtration best suited for low hardness, high chlorine water with a poor taste or smell. This state of the art system is manufactured exclusively by HMI Water Specialists and is individually engineered based on your unique water conditions. The Infinity™ system uses a four stage process to achieve bottled water quality at every tap in your home.

To view your city’s water hardness, check out our Water Hardness Table.

How it Works

STAGE 1: pH Neutralization

Fine sediment particles, sand, silica and iron oxide are trapped in a filter that is flushed and backwashed when the Infinity system regenerates. This will also adjust the pH to a neutral range depending on acidic or alkaline applications.

STAGE 2: Stratified MicroPore Carbon

Finely ground coconut shell carbon has more surface area for longer bed life and lighter weight than ion-exchange media maintaining filter bed depth after back wash.

STAGE 3: ScaleGuard

ScaleGuard™ Salt-Free Water Conditioning System’s Crystallization (TAC) media, also known as Matrix Enabled Particularization or MEP process, transforms calcium ions into calcium crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware or heat exchanger components. The crystals are so small they are easily rinsed away by the water flow.

STAGE 4: Bacteriostatic KDF 55 & 85

High purity copper-zinc granules that reduce contaminants using oxidation/reduction (redox). KDF reduces/removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of microorganisms in potable water without the use of chemicals. View full list of impurities removed here.
Looking to maintain your system?

Filters & Maintenance

Product Information

Product Information

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Water Hardness TableWater Hardness Table
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