Meet the Member: Stefanie Bushaw

At Water Doctors Water Treatment Company family is extremely important!  Every employee is part of our family and we want to highlight our incredible talented “family members” in our Meet the Members Series, giving you, our readers, extended family members a deeper exploration at what contributes to our daily success.

Routing or optimizing routes is a critical process for creating reliable and cost effectiveness within a portion of a business structure. This job is suited for someone who likes “doing a giant puzzle daily” according to Stef. We are pleased to introduce our next Meet the Member in our series, Stef!!

Managing schedules for over a dozen water treatment installation and service technicians, fielding calls from sales representatives, job sups, city inspectors or the periodic interruptions from fellow co-workers is not always easy to manage. Stefanie is Water Doctors scheduler and she manages the complexity involved with scheduling gracefully.

Scheduling is not just slapping a route together, throwing a time slot on it and giving it to a technician to complete the route, there is a lot of detail involved. To provide a snapshot: jobs have to align with technicians skill set, geographic of each clients servicing, ensuring completion of paperwork, forecasting job timing whether its on schedule with the  build process or duration to complete the job at the home, and so forth.

Stef has great way of managing the daily orders that come in, pivoting quickly when scheduling conflicts arise and digging into each order to fully understand what is occurring. We appreciate the Stef has an understanding and is always trying to be efficient with the Water Doctors technicians’ times, and business bottom line all while providing exceptional client service.

When Stef is not at Water Doctors laughing with co-workers, or shuffling orders around she loves being with her family and friends. It does not hurt that she lives a whole 7 minutes away from home, allowing her the flexibility to go home for lunch with her family, or get an errand or two done during the day.

We are so thankful and appreciative to have Stef apart of the Water Doctors team and family! Thank you, Stef, for all you do!

Please enjoy reading for about Stef.

Name: Stefanie

Job Title:Scheduler

What do you love most about working at Water Doctors?  I love the people I work with; Everyone’s willingness to help, teach, and support each other. I get to laugh, a lot, and stay super busy. I also love the fact that my morning commute is all of 7 minutes.

When not geeking out over water what can we find you geeking out over?

Kids, Family & Friends… and Fishing.

Choose from these questions and answer three (or more if you want):

What is your favorite movie or book or restaurant/meal?Mellow Mushroom Pizza – Southern pizza chain.

What is your favorite place you have travelled to and why? Northern Ontario, Canada. My family visits every summer for family fun, fishing and to unwind. One of my favorite parts is every night we use the sauna on the beach and run into the lake to look up try to see the northern lights.

What phobias do you have?Absolutely, positively HATE mice. I don’t freak out about too many things, but mice…nope!

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