Two Great Teams- North Carolina & Florida

Water Doctors Water Treatment Company is a Minnesota-based national supplier of residential and commercial water filtration equipment. We have been in business since 1984 and over time we have grown to be a supplier for water filtration systems throughout the United States.

Today we are highlighting two of our dealers; one in North Carolina and one in Florida.

Water Doctors of North Carolina is currently dealing with similar problem water like our national based headquarters in Minnesota. In North Carolina’s drinking water a chemical called GenX was found. Here is video outlining more about GenX and PFAS Pollution. Gen X is similar to 3M’s PFO’s & PFA’s that our team in Minnesota has been dealing with. Our North Carolina team has found great success with our signature Infinity II system. Lab tests show our custom Infinity system removed 99% of all Gen X and other containments in water.

Want more information or need help? Reach out to our experts in North Carolina or Minnesota.

Our second dealer we are highlighting is our team in Florida. Florida has been seeing a huge spike in demand for homes and our Florida team is ready to help. We specialize in installation in existing homes and have a great partnership with new home builders in the area. If you are looking to move, have moved or know someone making the move to Florida part or full-time we are here to help. You can contact our team in Florida or in Minnesota to help.

Know someone that needs help with their problem water in another state? Reach out, we would love to help!