Watering Plant Family Members with Reverse Osmosis Water

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If you are like many of us in the office, we are not only parents to human family members, but also plant family members. We love them so much you might just find us talking to them on occasion. (Hey at lest they don’t talk back) It’s equally important to ensure that we are keeping both our human and plant family members hydrated with quality clean water. If, you have a reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system it is worth the extra effort and time to hydrate your plants with RO water. Let’s dive into the specifics of RO and how it is beneficial for all your family members.

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So, what is osmosis and reverse osmosis? Osmosis is the passing of a liquid through a membrane of a lesser concentration to a greater concentration. Or in terms of plants, how plants take up water. Reverse Osmosis is a process to filter water under pressure. Water passes through the membrane and all the contaminants get filtered or trapped in the membrane, leaving only clean water left for usage.

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When all the hard minerals like calcium, manganese and iron are removed it allows for the addition of fertilizer or nutrients provided by the grower to be controlled, duplicated, and work more efficiently. Additionally, the PH of RO water can be easily adjusted for the requirements of your specific plants. So, plants with acidic or alkaline requirement will benefit from the versatility of RO water. It’s like having rainwater at your faucet.

From the beginner to serious gardeners, RO water is the best water for your plant babies. Get started with a free water analysis from one of experts. Better water is on it’s way!