Five Tips from the Experts for Ensuring Optimal Performance

With daylight savings time right around the corner, as we all are reluctantly changing our clocks ahead, but jumping for joy because of the sun still shinning longer, our experts had five tips to share ensuring your water treatment system is working optimally.

  1. Check time of day and back-up battery:

As you are going around changing the time of day on all your electronics or appliance don’t forget your water treatment system.  While changing the time also check your backup battery. The backup batteries kick in when your system loses power.   Don’t know how? Check out our YouTube channel by simply searching Water Doctors MN for instructions.

  • Sanitize your brine tank and fill up with salt:

Every time you add salt to your brine tank it’s a good idea to sanitize your brine tank. We have special sanitization packet that we can add to the container which will sanitize the brine tank when the water treatment system regenerates.  This packet is safe and doesn’t affect your water quality. And an added bonus, it makes your mechanical room smell nice.

  • Have your water softener tuned up:  

Having your system(s) inspected ensures that the systems are working at their optimal levels. As systems age the media can begin to breakdown not softening your water as efficiently. Which will cause water flow to decrease, hard water spots throughout the home, on dishes or even cause your skin to feel dried out.

  • Replace filters on Drinking Water System:

On all our drinking water systems we recommend having the filters replaced annually. Neglecting annual filter replacements can cause the growth of tasteless, odorless bacteria resulting in poor water quality.

  • Know where you water shut off is and how to put water treatment system into bypass:

In the case of an emergency its always a good idea to know where your main water shut off is to your home. The same goes for your water treatment system. Make sure to locate the bypass lever on the back of your water treatment system and know how to put it into bypass.

Have questions? Or need help with any of the tips recommended by our experts? Give us a call at 763-535-1800 or visit our website we are ready to help!